T’as fait le tour dix fois
Du cercle des îles
Fumé l’herbe et tes rêves
Chez les Chinois
T’as mis le feu partout
Au bout des plaines tranquilles
T’as eu la moitié du ciel
Rien que pour toi

Ce soir t’es seul sur la dune et t’as froid
Tu regardes une croix et le cœur de Lola
Tatoués sur ton bras
Capitaine, ça va pas
Ce soir t’es seul même la lune n’est pas là
Trompé de combat
C’est ce que tu dis tout bas
Capitaine, ça va pas

T’as vu les tours dorées
En Malaisie
On dit que t’as presque été
Leur dernier roi
Que t’as refusé le cœur
De toutes ces filles
Qui criaient, qui pleuraient, qui disaient
Je pars avec toi

Ce soir t’es seul sur la dune et t’as froid
Tu regardes la croix et le cœur de Lola
Tatoués sur ton bras
Capitaine, ça va pas
Ce soir t’es seul même la lune n’est pas là
Trompé de combat
C’est ce que tu dis tout bas
Capitaine, ça va pas

T’as dormi dans la soie
Des chambres fleuries
T’as retrouvé la vie
Dans les yeux des geishas
Et t’es toujours rentré
Les poches remplies
Et saoul des parfums
Des étés de là-bas

T’as mangé tout ton temps
Dans les champs de folie
Tu t’es griffé le cœur
Dans les nuits de Java
Capitaine qu’est-ce que t’as ?
T’es tout seul planté là
Sur le pont du navire
Et tu sais que cette fois
On repartira pas

Ce soir t’es seul sur la dune et t’as froid
Tu regardes la croix et le cœur de Lola
Tatoués sur ton bras
Capitaine, ça va pas
Ce soir t’es seul même la lune n’est pas là
Trompé de combat
C’est ce que tu dis tout bas
Capitaine, ça va pas

Trompé de combat
Capitaine, ça va pas

T’es loin de tout ça


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[url=http://www.devji.com/storelocators.asp]Cheap Snapbacks[/url] Using much more information regarding isabel Footwear available on the market, go on your store to buy it rich in gratification. "I feel like Celine Dion is here and is hiding." Demi Lovato.. Or else , never will movie this skill carry because this is your own fake you can . [url=http://www.exchangeins.com/johnshea.html]Cheap Louis Vuitton backpack[/url] Regardless of what specifics including products, coloration, print out or maybe pattern, replacement bag however complete their full capacity in addition to the authentic just one. Dion had taken time off from her busy career previously to focus on having her first child. However, Taotao got lost, could not find their way home. [url=http://www.logodesignerdirectory.com/html/terms_of_service.cfm]Michael Kors Outlet[/url] Javert however kills himself because he did not fulfill his duty.. For those who have set your heart on the Hermes Birkin you can still have it, not considering your loan company balance. Anyhow, it's go with for element of set and element occasions. [url=http://www.chrystalhorses.net/155.html]Cheap Michael Kors Outlet Online[/url] Hermes Bags retailer exclusive offers support consumers to love Hermes Kelly Web based, No cost Shipping!Previous Essence gal Victoria Beckham are the owners of 75 plus Hermes bags in several hues. All of this is offered at a very reasonable price. My car is the three door model, it has electric windows on both the front windows, coupled with heated from and rear windows. [url=http://www.sakabrasives.com/depressed.html]Fake Oakleys Sunglasses[/url] Change the dog water often so that it does not freeze, and only use plastic bowls; a dog snout can stick to a cold metal dish as sure as a schoolboy tongue to a frozen flagpole.. The quite 1st prototype was sent specifically to Jane Birkin herself, and the rest is history.. replica designer brands have made available everywhere to cater to the high class business a lot of women of today who have to get that promotion in the business environment. [url=http://www.alteollc.com/cm.html]Cheap Louis Vuitton diaper bag[/url] Really, you can find these types of request with regard to gals beautiful Celine handbags available how the designs constantly go up. Louis Vuitton Men Messenger Handbag Louis Vuitton characterizes the style planet while in the distinctive line of purses and gadgets. Just about every women really like them at the first eyesight, they are specifically found round the arms with celebrities as well as wealthy customers these times together with predominant standing.

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[url=http://www.ethicalvitamins.co.uk]Ray Ban Aviators[/url] Since the money necessary producing such bags is not exceptionally high especially when compared to the price at the fact that originals are being sold allows these businesses to offer their products for a reasonable rate available. Retrieved 27 04 2009. This structure was erected to commemorate when Emperor Napoleon marched into Paris victorious at Austerlitz. [url=http://www.city-cleaning.co.uk]Mulberry Factory Shop[/url] In 2000, the rose featured on ready-to-wear and now takes its place as a Stephen Sprouse icon on the Louis Vuitton Alma MM Roses Bags. Handbags from Hermes come in different shapes, sizes together with colors. Be informed about resources neverfull pm hours louis vuitton have been similar and yet without doubt day to day higher seems to have much better a good deal. [url=http://www.foxyladyjewellery.com.au/]Cheap Oakley goggles[/url] Louis Vuitton. If you think about this, you can see why it so important that the shoes you are wearing not only provide you with support, but that they allow you complete mobility. particulars together the lines of PARIS created IN ITALY mark, Clasp buckle, mushroom knot as well as other particulars all give the tote a greatly effective fascination and artistic breath.. [url=http://www.m7database.com/]Cheap Oakley flak jacket[/url] She had eleven years of combined experience in the field of journalism, public speaking and television news reporting and had written various articles such as news, feature, editorial and also thesis writing on applied linguistics. He invented letters, astronomy and Arithmetic. Le couple Angelil-Dion doit en effet passer quelques semaines de vacances en sol qubcois avant la reprise du spectacle de Las Vegas le 6 aot.. [url=http://www.bachmannbrokerage.com/]Discount Michael Kors watches[/url] As an illustration, you could possibly decide to make anything from wooden beads had been beads produced from seashells in contrast to different types of plastic or glass. A good store means a lot of collections of various kinds of perfumes. It is that essential the item patients realise the significance relating to attending normal check ups providing some one their dental professional,and thus are you in need help as well as for dental phobia may be the the top rated a good suggestion If all your family members come into contact with back and forth from dental phobia,your family should speak to understand more about your GP well dental professional about being capable of getting a range of the help. [url=http://www.wbmc.in/]Discount Michael Kors outlet[/url] How To Spot A Well-made Hermes Purse. Currently, to display your look and class without the need of sacoche louis vuitton paying out louis vuitton boutique en ligne a bunch of cash, girls business women desire Louis Vuitton imitation creator. Amontg them, hermes bags are welcomed by people all over the world..

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